【Coffee or Jelly? Why not both?】



COTD的Coffee Jelly用上我們HOUSE BLEND (Ethiopia) 咖啡豆,以Cold Brew方式製作而成,浸泡24小時,用心製作而成!Coffee Jelly以Cold Brew Coffee製作相較以Espresso製作時,少了高溫萃取的過程,降低提咖啡的苦澀味及酸感。

Coffee Jelly口感彈滑,味道甘中帶點微甜,令口感更豐富,亦能感受到咖啡的香氣!COTD的咖啡配上新推出的Coffee Jelly,以清新滋味喚醒味蕾,享受一個清爽的夏天。


<Coffee Jelly Special Drink>




③中層混合牛奶 中和口感

④底層Coffee Jelly提升清爽度


可以先嘗試一大口飲 然後再用🥄慢慢攪拌飲用,coffee jelly加上面層的expresso+鮮奶,入口完全順滑,仲彈下彈下,完全係夏日buddy,飲完之後非常精神爽利!

C.O.T.D Coffee Jelly入口順滑、柔和,帶有花香,香草和甘蔗的香氣;最後迎來一絲絲的柑橘甜味,正正是因為C.O.T.D的HOUSE BLEND咖啡豆選用了兩款埃塞俄比亞的咖啡豆(日曬/水洗)。

假如不喜歡飲牛奶的你,或者可以試試Double Cold Brew,即Cold Brew + Cold Brew Jelly。

C.O.T.D的冷泡咖啡獨特的之處是撲鼻而來的是淡淡的花香配黑朱古力味,而且少了一般咖啡會有苦澀感。再加上Coffee Jelly絕對會為你的Cold brew更加提升風味!



【Coffee or Jelly? Why not both?】

In this scorching summer, COTD has prepared a new drink pairing, so that everyone can enjoy our iced coffee or other beverages with this newly introduced ingredient and drive away from the heat!

COTD’s Coffee Jelly is carefully made with our HOUSE BLEND, Ethiopia coffee beans, by cold brewing for 24 hours! The Coffee Jelly is produced by cold brewing with a lower temperature extraction process, which reduces the bitterness and sourness of the expresso.

COTD newly launched Coffee Jelly is smooth, bouncing texture and slightly sweet to awaken your taste buds with a refreshing taste with your coffee or beverages. Let's enjoy a refreshing summer with our new Coffee Jelly!



Coffee Jelly Special Drink

You can choose to add our Coffee Jelly to daily coffee/non-coffee drinks,  but you can also try our new special drink with the best-suggested combination of our Coffee Jelly!


<Coffee Jelly Special Drink> 

has less milk than the regular Latte, and has a stronger coffee flavour. The drink has strong visual contrast, which it's instagrammable, and it also has different tasting levels:

 ①Espresso releases a strong coffee aroma

 ②Ice cubes help you to cool down your body

 ③Mid-layer of mixed milk neutralizes the overall tasting

 ④Coffee Jelly enhances the refreshingness 


You can try a big sip first, then gently stir the drink with our little teaspoon. 

After the milk is mixed with expresso, the Coffee Jelly is added with the expresso & fresh milk on the top. They are completely smooth, and they bounce in our mouths. This drink is your best summer buddy!

Smooth, silky also with the flour of floral berries blossom, vanilla and sugarcane. Delicate citrus acidity with a complex sweetness and lingering finish. Due to our selection of the house blend cold brew originates from Ethiopia with two different processing, natural & washed. 

If milk isn’t your favourite choice, you can try on <Double Cold Brew>, which is Cold Brew + Cold Brew Jelly!

There will be a light floral scent with dark chocolate flavour spread out to your nostrils and a fascinating pure-tasting of cold brew diffused out. Adding extra Coffee Jelly is definitely increasing the body texture of the drink! Trust COTD, you will have a fruitful summer!