【Drip bag of the Day】




Quote of the Day成功加入C.O.T.D.咖啡掛耳包,讓大家可以自選心宜既Quote之外,還可以寫下小小心意,C.O.T.D.也可以為大家帶來一點不一樣的小鼓勵!









C.O.T.D drip bag has transformed into a new packaging~


Quote of the Day successfully added into the packaging design of drip bag, so that everyone can choose your favourite quote and you can also write down your messages on the drip bag! C.O.T.D. can also bring you a little encouragement through the quotes on the drip bags!


In addition, C.O.T.D also added a custom drip bag service for you to create your personalized quote of the day drip bag! It is different from ordinary water cakes, wedding gifts, and anniversary gifts; you can enjoy the drip bags at any time, anywhere you would like to! You can also leave down your messages on it! The drip cag can be your upcoming choice as gifts in the future~

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