【COTD FUK1 DOI6福袋】新春限定

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COTD FUK1 DOI6福袋套裝,由包裝到食材均本地製造。



我們以咖啡為首製作了兩款精緻朱古力,分別是超軟心咖啡朱古力和原粒咖啡豆朱古力,以70%的可可配上濃郁的COTD 01 House Blend 咖啡豆,口感濃郁,香氣迷人,後韻回甘!


FUK1 DOI6怎會少了COTD的咖啡主角。這次的新年特別版掛耳包都會是以House Blend製成,設計上增添了一點新年元素,亦將今年新年的日子圈上,讓大家記錄一下新年的祝願,並為對方寫上新年的心意!


COTD FUK1 DOI6 lucky bag set is well-prepared with the consideration of exquisite aesthetics. From the packaging to the products of the lucky bag, all materials are made locally in Hong Kong!


The bag is designed with the concept of a Japanese knot bag with the use of pearl polyester fabric, it looks decent! We have made two chocolates based on coffee, one is ganache coffee chocolate, another one is with chocolate with a raw coffee bean. Both chocolates are made with 70% cocoa and strong in coffee aroma plus a sweet after taste.


FUK1 DOI6 also contains a variety of selective products in COTD. We hope everyone will like our special edition lucky bag!





COTD FUK1 DOI6福袋套裝】新春限定

COTD FUK1 DOI6 Lucky BagNew Year Edition

- Japanese Kot Pouch 袋袋平安日式結袋 x 1

- COTD 01 House Blend Drip Bag 新年特別版掛耳包 x 5

- COTD 01 House Blend Coffee Bean 咖啡豆200g x 1

- COTD 01 House Blend Coffee Chocolate 咖啡豆朱古力 x 6

( Caramel Coffee Bean Chocolate 焦糖咖啡豆朱古力x 2、Coffee Chocolate 咖啡朱古力x 4)




[COTD 01 House Blend Special Edition Coffee Chocolate]

Ingredients: 70% Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Ethiopia Coffee Bean

Contains Ingredients (Allergen) from Egg and Milk products. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Consume immediately when opened.



[COTD 01 House Blend Bean]

Origin : Ethiopia

Region : West Ars
Process : Natural

Origin : Ethiopia
Region : Shakisso
Process : Washed

A floral and juicy espresso, with flavors of berries blossom, vanilla and sugarcane. Delicate citrus acidity with a complex sweetnes and lingering finish.