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C.O.T.D邀請了@earsfamily 創作新一批掛耳包包裝,設計了巨大化咖啡豆,以及四款不同咖啡口味。將咖啡口味形象化呈現在包裝上,大家可以根據包裝上的口味、顏色、感覺,選出當天想飲的咖啡。

01C.O.T.D House Blend的咖啡豆,以新包裝設計來慶祝復活節的來臨!另外這次四款掛耳包的新設計中,包括有荔枝桂花香的果味;藍莓蜂蜜水蜜桃的清甜;甘蔗杏仁小麥的穩重口感,以及熱情如火熱情果口味。


C.O.T.D got Easter Beans in this Easter!

C.O.T.D invited @earsfamily to create a new set of drip bag design, with the design of mega-size coffee bean to welcome Easter and 4 different types of coffee flavour. The packaging design visualized the taste of the coffee so that you can select your drip bag of the day according to the design and match your mood!

Drip Bag 01 is our C.O.T.D House Blend, we would like to celebrate the Easter holiday with the new packaging design created by @earsfamily!

Besides, the new design of the 4 drip bags, includes the fruity flavour of lychee and osmanthus; the sweetness of blueberry, honey and peach; the steady taste of sugarcane, almond and wheat, and the passionate passion fruit flavour.



// Flavour

01 COTD House Blend Ethiopia

West Ars Natural+Shakisso Washed



03 Colombia Cauca Finca El Paraiso - Double Anaerobic

Lemongrass-Papaya-Dried Litchi


21 Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate PLT AX - Honey Process

Pear-Apricot-Blueberry honey


22 Bolivia Finca El Fuerte Bourbon - Anaerobic Washed

Molasses-Barley Tea-Roasted Almond


23 Ethiopia Guji 2300m+ SLD G1 - Noble Winey



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